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Who We Are

About Media Plus Limited

MediaPlus was started in 1995 as a video production company. Its formation was a result of need to produce professional feature films and documentary videos – a service that was non-existent in Uganda

Faced with a dearth of quality video production, large firms were forced to contract video production companies from abroad to do simple work as filming a 5-minute clip of a road construction or filming the rare mountain gorilla. PR firms also required the services of a company that could handle their media relations by producing quality services. This too, was non-existent.

“It was necessary – therefore, that a company be formed – equipped with machinery and personnel to produce the best pictures (both still photography and video) to match international standards; supported by a team of professionals to man it. This required enormous financial input, commitment and goodwill.”

It was against this back-drop that MediaPlus was formed. Beginning with only three cameras – one Sony 3 CCD U-matic, JVC VHS and Sony Hi8 and 2 complete Panasonic super VHS and U-Matic editing suites, MediaPlus started with a heavy workload of production of documentary videos and support brochures for UNICEF and project videos for a number of local and international organisations. MediaPlus also became engaged in publicity campaigns through various media houses. As a result MediaPlus was selected by several companies/organisations to act as their advertising agent.